A Voyage of Self-discovery for Women Therapists


This innovative card deck is specially designed to guide women therapists from every field, who have chosen to treat other women on a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


In the deck, there are forty-three cards, depicting a colorful variety of women characters of every age, expressing an endless variety of emotions, and situated in dramatically different settings. Each of these women represents a stepping-stone in the shared, feminine journey. They invite you to look inwards, to meet previously unknown parts of yourself, to listen and respond to your deepest needs and feelings.


Using the cards as described in the instructions, you the therapist embarks on a circular journey. Opening with profound listening and validation of her fears and strengths, followed by a path leading her deep into the hidden depths of her being, where the unique power, wisdom and memories of every woman lie.


At the conclusion of this journey, is a renewed, healed, sense of self, and an empowering new-found freedom, enabling you to experience a deeper and more meaningful connection to a grounded and present being.


In addition to the cards, there is an instruction booklet with five exercises that will help you on your personal journey.


Present & Grounded Card Deck - Hebrew eddition

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